With the rapid development of nowadays society, the transmission of different kinds of information – audio, video, data, has become more and more important, Ethernet has been a good way to deal with this need. Traditional Ethernet has its disadvantages because it use copper wires and the working distance is very short about 100meters, fiber media converter is the solution of this problem, it could extend the Ethernet working distance to max 100km or more, what is more ,the fiber optic converters used today are cheap and reliable.

Meanwhile, fiber optic converter could link the LAN to the fiber optic backbones and transform between different media, different cable types and different equipment interfaces. We supply the fiber optic converters that are fully compatible with IEEE standards; there are single mode types and multimode types, dual fiber types and single fiber (so called WDM converter) types, working distance from 500meters to max 100km or more. Stand alone fiber optic converters and chassis type fiber media converters are available.

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