Fiber Optic Splitters

fiber optic splitter

Fiber Optic Splitter Features
Single Mode, multimode, and PM fiber types
Multiple port configurations, custom length and cable diameters
Various splitting ratios, 50:50 to 1:99
Tube type or Box type, PLC fiber optic splitters or Fused fiber optic splitters
PC, UPC, and APC fibre optic connectors
Available with FC, SC, ST, LC, and MU connectors


About fiber optic splitter

Fiber optic splitter is used to split one beam of optical fiber light into several parts at a certain ratio, for example, a 1X4 LC type equal splitting ratio fiber optic splitter can split the fiber optic light signal into four equal 25% parts and sent to the 4 different channels, LC is the connector type on the splitters. Fiber optic splitter key parameters include the optical loss, splitting ratio, isolation, PDL, etc.

Fused fiber optic splitters are mature technology types, it is low cost and easy to make, but fused fiber optic splitters optical loss are sensitive to wavelength and this is big disadvantages. PLC fiber optic splitters are small size and wide working wavelength, they are more reliable, suitable to use in passive optical network fiber optic splitting, we supply the 1XN and 2XN types PLC fiber optic splitters.

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