Waterproof Fiber Optic Cables

 waterproof fiber optic cables

Waterproof fiber optic cable assemblies are outdoor use fiber optic cables, they are with strong PE jacket and stainless steel armor inside for further protection. The waterproof fiber cables could be used in harsh environment like communication towers, CATV and military. They can be terminated with various kinds of optical fiber connectors, the cable overall length, breakout part length and cable diameters can be custom made, we also supply with the outdoor waterproof fiber cables with the optional pulling eyes.


Waterproof Fiber Optic Cables Features:
Widely Used;
Environment Flexibility;
Good Interchangeability;
Good Repeatability;
Good wear resistance.

Waterproof Fiber Optic Cable Applications:
Optical Fiber communication System;
Optical Fiber Instrument;
Optical Fiber CATV;
Optical fiber sensors;

Waterproof Fiber Cables Specifications:
Connector type: FC/ST/SC/LC/E2000/MTRJ/MPO/SMA905/SMA906/MU/FDDI/DIN/D4/ESCON/VF45/F3000/LX. 5 etc
Surface of ferrule: PC, APC, UPC
Optical Fibers: 2F/4F/6F/8F/12F optional. Single Mode or Multimode
Insertion Loss(dB): ≤ 0.20
Repeatability(dB): ≤ 0.10
Interchange ability(dB): ≤ 0.20
Return Loss(dB): ≥60
Fiber Type: Single mode and multi mode
Operating Temperature (degree): -25 degree ~ +70 degree
Storage Temperature (degree): -40 degree ~ +85 degree
Package Dimensions (mm): Customer Specifies

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