The XFP-10G-MM-SR is compliant with the 10G Small Form-Factor Pluggable (XFP) Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), supporting data-rate of 10.3125Gbps(10GBASE-LR) or 9.953Gbps 10GBASE-LW), and transmission distance up to 300m on 50μm MMF (2000MHz.km).

The XFP-10G-MM-SR transceiver module comprises a transmitter with 850nm a vertical cavity surface emitting (VCSEL) laser and a receiver with a PIN photodiode. Transmitter and receiver are separate within a wide temperature range of 0℃ to +70℃ and offers optimum heat dissipation and excellent electromagnetic shielding thus enabling high port densities for 10 GbE systems.


Cisco XFP 10G MM SR transceiver is a multimode 10GB fiber optic module use 850nm wavelength, XFP 10G MM SR is with duplex LC optical connector interface to connect the fiber optics networks, it is hot swappable, used in 10G applications, we supply the XFP 10G MM SR Cisco equivalent transceivers.

XFP 10G MM SR Features
Supports 9.95Gbps to 10.5Gbps bit rates
Maximum link length of 300m (50um,MMF,2000MHz.Km)
850nm VCSEL laser and PIN receiver
Low power consumption <1.5W
+5V, +3.3V power supply
XFP MSA package with duplex LC connector
XFI electrical interface
No reference clock required
Compatible with RoHS
Excelllent EMI performance
Built-in digital diagnostic functions
Temperature range: 0℃ to +70℃
High reliability

XFP 10G MM SR Applications
10GBASE-SR/SW 10G Ethernet
1200-Mx-SN-I 10G Fibre Channel
Other optical links

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