MU Fiber Optic Pigtail

MU Fiber Optic Pigtail

MU fiber optic pigtails use the MU connector that inherits the features and advantages of the well known SC fiber optic connectors, but MU are improved type because it is small size and weight compared with SC, the MU fiber optic pigtail connector is only half size of the SC. We supply the MU fiber optic pigtails that are available in single mode and multimode, UPC and APC polished types, all our MU optical pigtails are compliant to the industrial standards, the MU adapters and related components are also available.


MU fiber optic pigtail applications
Fiber optic subscriber network transmission / switching equipment
Optical MDF (Multi Distribution frames)
SONET/SDH, ATM and WDM communication systems
Test equipment

The MU fiber optic pigtail connector system features :
High packing density
Excellent optical performance (SM & MM)
Wide range of applications
Ease of operation (Push-pull)

MU fiber optic pigtails standards
IEC 61 754-6 “Fiber optic connector interfaces –
Type MU connector family”
TIA/EIA 604-17 “Fiber optic intermateability standard - Type MU”

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